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This is a proven way to enhance the success of your website. It first launched in the UK on the www.e-racking.com website and within 2 years the companies sales nearly trebled. The first USA site is now live and in the first two weeks there were 30 leads with an average value of $10,000.  The very first enquiry was for a $200,000 project. The website owner comment was “very nice”.

How does it work?

  • We set you up a website template with an automatic link back to your website.
  • You choose which product types you would like to sell the following is possible
    • Pallet rack with weight calculations e.g. the user enters details of the pallet to be stored and the details of the height of the building and the wizard will calculate how many pallets can be stored and selects the best frame and beam combination.
    • Pallet rack without weight calculations. With this option the user selects a number of beam and frame configurations from a drop down list.
    • Metal shelving
    • Long or wide span shelving
    • Rivet shelving
    • Cantilever racks.
  • You provide us with list prices and technical data for frames, beams, shelves etc in an excel format. We load these on to the website which we host for you although the link between your site and your special Wizard site hosted by ourselves will be seamless. N.B. you can load this data on yourselves should you wish.
  • You provide us with 3 images of each product that you store and text to describe the features and benefits of each product.
  • We will then give you access to a site administration area where you can set up security passwords and alter all details of your products and the feel of the website.
  • On the site admin area you will be able to enter discounts and various details about your company.

Please note that the wizard does not drive users to your site you must do this through conventional marketing. But you will have a site that offers real value to a user and should they visit your site they will be impressed by your professionalism.

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The customer requests a drawing and price in return for their postal/zip code You will recieve an e-mail detailing their quotation
1. The customer requests a drawing and price in return for their postal/zip code. 2. You will receive an e-mail detailing their quotation.