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The Racking Wizard software gives you a return on the investment that you have made in your website.

The unique drawing and quotation service that the Racking Wizard software provides means that visitors to your website are encouraged to stay and log in with their details. When they do you will receive an e-mail instantly with their name, company, zip code and e-mail address. Your sales staff can then follow up this lead as they would any other.

This is normally a pretty good lead as well - because let's face it, if someone has gone to the trouble of searching for pallet racks they either work in the industry or they need the product.

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Example of on-line drawing Sales Management tool
Example of on-line drawing Sales Management tool


1) We create a website which is held on our server.

2) You select up to 3 types of racking:
a. Industrial shelving
b. Office shelving
c. Long span shelving
d. Pallet racks

3) You load the prices of end frames and shelves

4) You can choose various variables such as installation costs, loading capacities, discounts and freight costs

5) You change the branding if you so wish:
a. You can change the background and text colours;
b. You can simply import your own logo and product images;
c. You create brochure pages for the products you offer.

6) You create a link from your home page to your own Racking Wizard powered site.

7) Your potential customer will then be attracted to the on-line design facility; here they are asked to fill in basic details, a drawing and ultimately a quote is then presented.

8) While the main purpose of the software is to generate leads there is a facility to take orders on line.

It is so simple and a great way to increase your rack sales!


The initial payment is $4,500 which is for the basic lead generation site however for 6 months we give you the full quotation and design package free of charge. In addition you will be charged $200 per month management charge. After 6 month this will be reviewed and the should you choose to keep the full package an additional charge of $4000 will be made. The maximum monthly charge is $700 and the typical charge is $500.

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